Slides and talks

A selection of talks and slides:

Locality at the boundary implies gap in the bulk for 2D PEPS [PDF]
Quantum Information and Quantum Statistical Mechanics, October 2018,U. Montreal, Canada

Local approximate error correcting codes [VideoPDF]
QEC2017, September 2017,U. Maryland, USA

Finite correlation length implies efficient preparation quantum thermal states [VideoPDF]
QIP2017, January 2017, Seattle, USA

Local recovery maps as duct tape for many body systems [PDF]
QuSoft, November 2016, Amsterdam, NL

Dissipative Quantum Walk and topology [PDF]
New Trends in Strongly Entangled Many-Body Systems, November 2015 UCL London, UK

Review of mixing time tools in quantum information and many body theory [Video]
BIRS center Oaxaca workshop on Quantum Markov Semigroups in Analysis, Physics and Probability, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Quantum Gibbs Samplers and Log-Sobolev inequalities [Talk]
Banff center workshop on Hypercontractivity and Log Sobolev Inequalities in Quantum Information Theory, Banff AB, Canada.

Quantum Gibbs Samplers: the commuting case [PDF]
QIP2015, Sydney NSW, Australia

Non-equilibrium phase transitions [PDF]
Coogee’15, Sydney NSW, Australia

Cellular automaton decoder for topological quantum memories [Keynote]
Caltech (Mar. 2014)

Rapid mixing and clustering of correlations in open quantum systems [PDF]
QCCC Workshop in Prien/Chimsee (Sep. 2013)

Timing dissipative quantum processes [PDF]
DPG Hannover (Mar. 2013)

Thermal Area Laws for Free-Fermions [PDF]
DPG Hannover (Mar. 2013)

Log-Sobolev inequalities in Quantum information theory [Video,PDF]
QIP2013, Beijing, China




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