I am an Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department of the IT University of Copenhagen. Information about my group can be found at the group webpage. My CV is available on request. My primary e-mail address is mkastoryano_at_gmail_dot_com.

Research interests

My primary research interests are in quantum algorithms and tensor networks with applications in physics, machine learning, finance and engineering. During my PhD I studied on the one hand the problem of quantum Markov chain mixing (rigorously bounding how fast a quantum channel converges to stationarity), and on the other, protocols of dissipative state preparation. Since then my interests have shifted a bit more towards condensed matter physics and fault-tolerance. In particular I have worked a lot on designing and analyzing quantum Gibbs sampling algorithms and on various problems in quantum error correction and fault-tolerance theory. Recently, I have been very interested in applications of tensor network algorithms to problems outside of physics, though I still do occasionally think of problems in many body physics.

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